Friday, November 23, 2012

Performance Art With a Point

Why haven't you gone to Miami? By Casa Guillermo, of Colombia.
Air, by Casa Clementine of Uruguay.
Unlike much modern art, the exhibition about performance art on for a week longer at the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Art (LIA) in La Candelaria contains several works with a connection to the real world, albeit often an ambiguous one. But at least they trigger thinking about real issues, such as pollution, displacement and nutrition.

What is Colombian Leonardo Herrera up to?
Performance art is pretty common here, particularly toward the end of the university semester when students have to do their projects. This one which I happened upon the other day in the area between Los Andes University and the Colombian American Center didn't provide many hints of its message, if any. A young man, mostly naked, crawled amidst the concrete steps. A commentary on the bestiality of mankind? Human degeneracy? Existential anguish?

I like this comment about smoking impacts by Spaniard Carlos Lavata.

A performance clothesline. If only my clothesline performed so well.

Paola Correa left this poster in Plaza las Nieves in central Bogotá.

Colombian Pilar Gonzalez shows her expressions.

Here's a guy performing the other day near the Colombo-American Center:

And these posters appeared along an urban highway. Performance art?

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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