Sunday, November 11, 2012

Street Life on La Septima

As part of a school project for the private and elite Los Andes University, which to its credit requires its students to go out into the real world and do things, these students did an art project today about the history and future of Ave. Septima.

Fortunately, la Septima, thanks to its recent pedestrianization, has no shortage of authenticity and characters.

This young woman was hip hop dancing for tips.

Nearby, older men whiled the afternoon away on Las Nieves Plaza with a tinto.

A man sold fake, home-made rats.

He had a trick of scaring people by flinging the fake rats at them.

A few blocks down the street this man was selling tiny cardboard whistles.

The whistles sold fast, and cheap. But I couldn't get mine to work.

Three children wait on Las Nieves Plaza for their mother, who was gluing posters on walls.

Vendors on a sidewalk. The man on the left is selling snail slime, which is supposed to be good for skin problems.

A clarinetist plays in front of the Jorge Eliecer Gaitan Theatre.

The street reflected in one of the Gaitan Theatre's windows.

Pedestrians see the world's wonders in stereoscopic viewers.

Buttons for sale.

The sidewalk as art gallery.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


cassandra said...

Is this street planned to continue as pedestrian only or are they planning transit extension down it?

This past Friday, I got back from a quick trip to Colombia. I can't stop thinking about Bogota! Wish I'd found your blog sooner, so much interesting information on the city!

Miguel said...

Hi Cassandra,

Thanks for your comments. So far, the pedestrianization is supposed to be permanent, altho some businesses are complaining. They do also plan a light rail line down the avenue, which I think would be an excellent addition and a boost for the city.