Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day in Bogotá

As part of the observation, artists made these portraits of women on Plaza Bolivar. 

Today, International Women's Day, saw a protest march down Ave. Septima, art and a demonstration on Plaza Bolivar, and lots of flower all over.

'Women who organize no longer iron clothes.'

A couple juggles on Plaza Bolivar. 

The only portrait I recognized - Policarpa, the revolutionary heroine who is also on the 10,000 peso bill. 

'Peace without women won't work!' Over the past couple of days there's been talk about the paucity of women participating in the government-FARC guerrilla peace talks in Cuba. 

'Women, gender and equity.' 

Vending flowers on Carrera Decima. 

A woman sits on Avenida Jimenez holding some fake flowers, apparently for sale. 

Cleaning up the flower market at Paloquemao. The flowers stayed out until noon - much later than normal. 
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


amanda said...

weird comma placement on the no more ironing sign, no?

Miguel said...

Hi Amanda,

Spanish often does use extra, unneeded commas. However, in this case I think you're seeing the accent mark on the word 'más'.


mauricio forero l said...

International Women's Day ??????
What about Global Men's Day.

amanda said...

good call! :)

amanda said...

on the accent comment, not on the ridiculous men's day comment!