Monday, March 4, 2013

Remembering the Disappeared

A group of human rights activists painted this mural today on Ave. Septima just south of Calle 19, on one of the most-used walls in the city. The mural, which says simply 'More than 20,000 disappeared,' is an in-your-face reminder of human rights violations which most of us prefer not to think about.

The woman on the right is Nydia Erica.
You can debate the numbers, as well as the group's political perspective. During their lively accompanying hip hop performance, the lyrics condemned the government and big corporations, but I heard no mention of Colombia's leftist guerrillas, who continue committing wholesale human rights violations. 

Rapping away.
The group calls itself Beligerarte, and is associated with the Fundacion Nydia Erica. She was a member of the M-19 guerrilla group, who the painters told me was disappeared in 1987, two years after the group's disastrous attack on the Justice Palace. The number of disappeared in that episode is still the center of public controversy.

Some claim that 12 survivors were 'disappeared' by the military. Other sources say only two. But a lawyer representing Colombia before an international human rights court recently made headlines by claiming that there were no disappeared in the episode. 

The group said this was the first of several public events memorializing the disappeared which they plan to carry out this year. When I asked them why they chose this year, they said 'Better this year than next year.'

A good point.

Drumming away. 

The tile says that 12 people were 'disappeared' by the military during the retaking of the Justice Palace in 1985. Other sources say there were only two documented disappearances. 

'More than 20,000 disappeared.'

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Stuart Oswald said...

Think these fascist are using this Year as it nicely marks Stalins 60 Years since his (thankful) death. Today, straingly enough.

mauricio forero l said...

OK Oswald, I hope I can help you with your very very confused idea of historical facts and terms. When somebody represents the left, you can call him a Communist, a red, but you can never ever call that person a fascist. That is SO fundamentally wrong. You are making yourself look completely ignorant. PLEASE check out a history book or a dictionary before you start writing. And not just that- but why would a group of FASCISTS as you call them - would choose the date of Stalin's death to celebrate ANYTHING? PLEASE stop embarassing yourself in public.

mauricio forero l said...

Ok Oswald:
FASCIST=Extreme Right.
COMMUNIST OR REdS=Extreme left.
Dude for the last 90 years they have been hating each other. It's like calling them "Communist Nazis!" ???? for GOD sake dude take a look at any history book before you get your hands in to your computer'd keyboard.

Stuart Oswald said...

Perhaps you should just try to understand what they all are! It might be upsetting for lefties to realise that they actually pretty much the same as fascists! Hitler agreed that he himself was a socialists. Sorry to have to break the news to you.

clemente said...

Stwart, sorry, and not just to agree 100% with Mauricio, but you should take a look at this wonderful book:

COMMUNISM, FASCISM, and DEMOCRACY ( The Theoretical Foundations )Edited by Carl Cohen. I had it in college and it really helps to understand some basic terms.

clemente said...

Clemente, dude... LOL, that is very nice of you, do, I'm afraid this guy has to go back to elementary school in so many ways...Dude I'm laughing so bad.

Any way, how are you and your family, how is the protect with the University of Chicago????

mauricio forero l said...

I'm just doing fine, I had an interview with Leha last Saturday, she is the new Chairman of the HUB. She was very nice.

Thanks my friend.

mauricio forero l said...

Sorry Mike, but I have to tell you this.
We have one kid today, the son of one of my partners, this kid is also a friend of my son, he is just 13 years old. So, I ask the kid to take a look at your post, about the Disappeared, so, when he was finish, I said to him, can you read the comments about the post. After he was finish reading Stuart's comment, he just looks at us and, said...Well, I just do not understand, all thous people in the photos look so much like a bunch of leftist hippies, so, in what way are they Fascist??? I think this guy is making a big mistake...Keep in mind, he is just 13 years old.

Stuart Oswald said...

Clemente, thanks for the book recommendation. It is a very interesting read and one I still return to from time to time. Never the less, I could point you in the direction of some other very enlightening prints. However, I would simple ask you to call on your own mind and intelligence. It is not rocket science to see that there really is very little (if anything) between the far left and the far right. Both are murderous and inhuman at best description. Use your brain and try to avoid insults such as the elementary school one and all that nonsense. It's something we might have said back of primary school. ;)

Maurico, I am slightly worried about children in your observation getting a balanced view as judging from your past comments, I'd gamble they are not getting this. And so a new generation become ignorant to the mistakes of the past.

mauricio forero l said...

We are so tired of your comments, and, when I said WE you know, it is not just me, if you take a look at past comments from many other people, you can see it is not just Mauricio. Learn to be humble. You want to make political commentary, at lest, educate yourself first. do not ask respect when so often you do not respect many.
That a 13 years old kid have a higher notion or knowledge of such basic terms as Fascist, should be a good reason of embarrassment to anybody...Obviously it is not for you.

Stop being so arrogant.

Stuart Oswald said...

I've explained to you many occasion why I see your far-left with your far-right together in one light. It's not my fault if you and your like minded associates cannot understand it.

I understand why you would be annoyed with such realizsations. To realise that you are aligned with such a dehumanising ideology must be embarrassing. Then again if that is your prerogative to be offended/insulted/annoyed that is for you, not me! You've tried to tell me in the past how to think/educate myself (to your school of thought)/comment here a mongst other demands that it is really no surprise that, you side yourself with such dictatorial figures of human history.

Feel free to comment (with facts where possible) on my own comments but you have no further remit over what I type.