Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fighting for Animal Rights

Today, on the second-to-last Sunday of the bullfighting season, and spurred by the recent revelation of police torturing a dog, young people marched today for animal rights along La Ciclovia to the bullfighting plaza . Many went, in fact, far beyond demanding animal rights to demanding 'animal equality' (and yet they had their dogs on leashes, which doesn't seem like a very equal relationship).

These young protesters have a heavy streak of anarchism and anti-authoritarianism. They yell at the police, as though a police-less society were the solution. But at least they're out there opinionating and denouncing wrong, amidst a mostly apathetic society.

As always, whenever there's a protest - even an anti-violence protest - the police turn out in droves.

Bogotá Bike Tours encountered these protesters about three different times today.

These cops didn't appear too worried, or oppressive.

No to animal cruelty - and tear down the establishment, incidentally.

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