Friday, February 25, 2011

A Stroll Along El Septimazo

Each Friday evening at 5 p.m. Seventh Ave. closes to cars between Plaza Bolivar and Independence Park. Seventh becomes a people's avenue and fills with evangelicals, vendors, street artists and singers. (Sadly, as of April 2011, the city has suspended El Septimazo - supposedly because it causes too much trouble. I suspect it's because it inconveniences drivers.)

Cars gone, Seventh Ave. fills with people.

These 'gladiators for God' were evangelicizing against sin, money - and against other evangelicists, whom they accused of being in it for the money. And, they were evangelicizing in English, despite being regulars on La Jimenez.
A block north, these folks were talking about celestial beings. Perhaps I've got a ticket to Mars awaiting me. Beside them, a group of reformed gangsters were rapping for God.
Kid cops line up, ready to turn out to keep order. These high school students, armed with nightsticks, are doing part of their obligatory police/military duty. 
Jugglers warming up. 

Afro-Colombian musicians.

Three blind people make their way through the crowd.

Chess players don't let the crowds break their concentration. 

Your name etched on a grain of rice!


Man meets monster!

The Septimazo is a big bazarre. Here, cell phone chargers for sale. 

Afro-Colombian players. 

Sidewalk portraits. 

Am I as pretty on paper?

The crowd watching a puppet show. 

A pavement artist. 


Vendors fill the sidewalks with books...

Until the cops come to clear away this scourge on society.
Even on a damp night, the street really filled up!

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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