Saturday, December 8, 2012

Street Poetry: Seventh Ave. Speaks

'The only way to knock down a wall is by utilizing it.'

The asphalt least on La Septima, thanks to this poetry which I discovered today near the Teatro Gaitan.

The little texts and images, some offering wisdom and insight, others protests, remind me a bit of those famous writings which appeared on Paris sidewalks in the summer of '68. 

'This is Bogota' 'The logic is broken'
Someone is probably thinking that there's something cheap and unliterary about scrawling on the street. But I'd bet that few of the people who paused to read the pavement read Shakespeare or Neruda today.

'I have dreamed more than I have lived.'

'Colombia, somebody is using you.' (A dig at the United States.)

'We only want to break the walls which hold up the windows.'
The Bogotá police take someone away. 

'Secrets are welcome.'
'Without poetry there is no city.'
Many of the tree planter boxes on the car-free (during the day) Ave. Septima are also decorated with stencils and short sayings.

'Disconnect the Reception, Connect Your Transmission.'

'The Interior Fear is Fear of Discovering.'

'A Product's Value is in its Production.'

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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