Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Sensuous Celebration for a Sexy Sculpture

The bowls are carried by AfroColombian street vendors on Colombia's coasts, where they use them to carry fruits on their heads.
 During a bike tour today, we came upon this small troupe of erotic AfroColombian women dancers around the Enrique Grau sculpture of scantily dressed woman in front of the National Park. The location and them were appropriate, since Grau's work, named 'Rita 5:30 p.m., represents a prostitute.

The dancers certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves, as the dance became more erotic. A recording playing in the background talked of the eroticism of AfroColombian women.

The erotic dance was financed by the District's Institute of Patrimony, which is evidently pretty broad-minded. (Bad pun unintended). One of the event's organizers told me that the event's purpose was to encourage the public to respect city monuments and not graffiti them. Events are planned for other monuments, she said.

The dancers evidently were enjoying themselves, as was the audience and - hopefully - Rita as well.

Write something sex on my legs, baby.

Can you read my leg, baby?

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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Unknown said...

I need to start visiting Parque Nacional more often.