Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Endless Road to the Airport

Transmilenio Work on El Dorado Ave., which leads to the airport. Work is right on track - give or take a year or two. 
As tho it's new to anybody, Bogotá officials have announced that the Transmilenio lines on Carrera 10 and El Dorado Ave. will not be operating in time for the Under-20 World Cup, or in time for Christmas, but for early 2012.

Shoveling away at 7th Ave. and 26th St. 
So, the many thousands of visitors who visit Bogotá for Colombia's biggest-ever sporting event will find the main avenue from the airport to downtown not only under construction, but closed at 7th Ave.

And this is the same city government which promised us that the TM lines would be working last year, instead of next year, .

Sure, they did run into unexpected geological problems, and it did rain a lot this year. However, delays and mismanagement this monumental probably mean that something more than incompetence was behind it.

At least, authorities appear to be responding. Mayor Samuel Moreno's been susended from office and his brother Ivan, a senator, is in jail, as are the owners of Nule Group, which orginally had part of the TM contract. Suspended Mayor Moreno may soon follow them.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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