Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Month to Pay for Each Murder?

Popeye with ex-Pres. Andrés Pastrana, who was kidnapped by the Medellin cartel. 
He appears by all accounts to be a mild-mannered man in his 50s, given to reading literary classics and recounting in detail the adventures of his younger years.

But this isn't just any middle-aged man, but Popeye, a one-time gunman for cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar. He murdered some 250 people and has spent the last two decades in prison.

Popeye, whose real name is Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez, was sentenced to the maximum possible 40 years in prison when he turned himself in. Since then, however, his sentence has been reduced because of good behavior and his testimony against other ex-members of the Medellin cartel.

Now, his release date is approaching.

Among other testimony, Popeye has told investigators that the Cuban government collaborated with the Medellin cartel, that the M-19 guerrillas accepted financing and other help from Escobar for their 1985 attack on the Justice Palace, and that powerful politicians collaborated with political assassinations committed by Escobar.

But 20 years in prison translates into just about one month for each murder Popeye committed. And those who have interviewed Popeye say he doesn't express much remorse.

Past age 50 and on parole, Popeye's not likely to return to the murdering business. But does anybody really believe that he's paid his debts to society?

I also wonder what sort of life expectancy Popeye can expect outside prison with so many underworld enemies seeking vengeance.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Stuart Oswald said...

Debts to society, you mean debts to the victims.

M-19 is an interesting example. A lot of people (well here in Europe at least) believe the German communities throughout Latin America are fascist immigrants from the (so called) right of the political spectrum. In truth the majority are from the communist/far left ideological school of thought.

It's so sad to see idiotic Germans with their failed ideologies committing mass murders/crimes in Latin America and destroying generations of advancement in Latin America and holding the continent back.

Shame on Cuba for harboring pure and evil criminals.

Stuart Oswald said...

"..Escobar's assassination"! Is that his words or yours?

Miguel said...

Bad wording. What I meant was 'political assassinations committed by Escobar.'

Miguel said...

Oswald, I have no idea what Escobar's crimes have to do with Germans in South America, whether left or right-wing.


rojito said...

Herein lies the contradiction that is Stuart. On one hand he throws out a totally unsubtantiated statement about Germans, then he accuses Mike of doing something similar with Popeye. Even though Mike clearly states "Popeye has told investigators...". Also, Mike said "Escobar's assassinationS", by dropping the 'S' Stuart totally changed the meaning, I didn't see the need to rewrite it. This all leads me to believe Stuart doesn't even read the articles, he just tries to pick fights.

Mike, long time reader, first time commenter, I enjoy reading your perspective, opinion and learning a bit more about this city I live in.

Stuart, your offensively patronising attitude towards Mike and other commenters along with your standard bully tactic of trying to win arguments by shouting louder than everyone else has become strangely entertaining in its own way.

Stuart Oswald said...

Sorry my comment seems like bullying, it's not intended so.

With regards to my M-19 comment and Germans, perhaps I was over thinking it. But it is relevant to what I've been researching heavily and this post helped to make it relevant in this instance. I've gone back to the assassinations point and it seems that this article has been corrected since I made the passing comment.

I am glad that I've brought in long time readers to comment. Make no misunderstanding, I greatly appreciate Mike's take on Bogota, but I am reasonably knowledgeable on the affairs that Mike seems more than biased with on a number of odd occasions. Mike airs his views (rightly so) but in turn I am entitled to air mine. I am thankful to Mike for not censoring feedback to his posts. It's refreshing that he enables this, unlike so many others from the (so called) progressives or left whom fail regularly to print letters or approve simple objectionable views in favour on backslapping, shouts of comrade and revolution.

I have no tactic to supposedly win arguments other than the truth. I have many occasions left debates and no desire to convert people, I rather air points and let others think a little for themselves. It is not intended to patronize.

Keep up the awesome work Mike (but with perhaps a more balanced view).

Stuart Oswald said...

I should say that Antonio Navarro Wolff is a present German descendant along with many other German descendants implicit in the human rights violations within Colombia and throughout Latin America. I am delving deeper into his British connection that already show light connections with other groups throughout Europe. There will be a full in depth report on my findings on a new website I plan on launching (Mike being one on my inspirations ;).

rojito said...

I look forward to reading that.

Stuart Oswald said...

Thanks, I will post a link here in due course.

mauricio forero l said...

First of all, I think that Mike is a very, very patient man. And for this, and his amazing work as a blogger, he has my respect. And also, his photos are always or at least most of the time amazing. When it comes to Stuart, Rojito, most of the time this guy is delusional. He seems to be here to piss off people. So, about a month ago, I realized that it's better to ignore him; or at least, do your best.

rojito said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rojito said...


With respect, I think he could have interesting points to make if he found a way of expressing himself that was somewhat less ... antagonistic. For that reason I would be genuinely interested in reading his blog.

As I said, I find his comments quite entertaining at this stage, kind of like the way I used to love to hate the bad guys in pro-wrestling. I think he has some valid points to make, but until he finds a way to reasonably discuss things he will never convince me of anything, I will just take his comments for their entertainment value.

Stuart Oswald said...

People who find me antagonistic do so only because they disagree with what I say. It's a little immature but I understand it.

Stuart Oswald said...

The same can be said of those that find me or the points delusional. Their minds are not ready to understand the truth. The time will come for that.

mauricio forero l said...

I would say that 2 of every 10 comments he makes are intelligent and interesting. But most of the time his comments are plagued with inaccuracy and a very very narrow point of view. Like when he said that Cuba is the worst dictatorship in history- does this guy know about North Korea? Or when he called Che somebody that failed in everything he tried- doesn't matter that along with Fidel Castro he overthrew the govt in Cuba- I think that's kind of winning somehow. Or the fact that he finished in medicine though he was so sick with asthma- whether I like him or not he didn't fail in everything. And these are just 2 examples. This guy is like listening to Sarah Palin at CPAC, or Rush Limbaugh.

mauricio forero l said...

Just take a look at his last comment "THEIR MINDS ARE NOT READY TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH"
Any freethinker, school of thought or philosopher would be rather restless or very nervous to read such kind of comment. It sounds quite totalitarian and dogmatic, just like thous that you can hear in the regimens he dislike so much ( Cuba )
If you read between the lines in some of his posts or comments you can notice some kind of hate and, I'm afraid I'm not the only one to notice that, I do not think this is an exaggeration. I just hope I never have the misfortune to find a blog of someone like him.

Stuart Oswald said...

Changing my words into block capitals is a bit immature. I am happy for you or anyone to quote my words but please don't seek to change, manipulate or misquote them. It does nothing for your own argument. And my comment on Cuba reads, "worst tyranny imaginable". Something I still strongly stand by and is meant in the minds of the victims.

Che was a complete failure in everything he did. To correct you, he did not finish/pass in any serious study and was however fit enough to galavant around Latin America and even Africa. Even his imperialism over the good and innocent people of Cuba failed (http://db.tt/YAsAQZuQ), as his own gang of criminals needed help from other ferals to meet simple objectives. The fact that Cuba is crumbling without US capitalism is another sure fact that he, Fidel and the rest of their self righteous criminal gang have failed to implemented by design a failed economic and social ideology/system.

Although I will have to concede with you that Che is not a complete failure. He succeeded, very successfully to murder, imprison, genocide, expel, pass judgement over whole populations. A truly vile man/animal adored by equally illiterate fools.

The rest of your points I can't even be bothered to answer. My apologies.

mauricio forero l said...

Ok my mini Rush Limbaugh LOL what an ignorant this guy is!!!!! lol lol.

Stuart Oswald said...