Monday, February 4, 2013

Bogotá's Newest Walls of Street Art

The front side of the block is inhabited by homeless people,
 who haven't let the new mural change their lifestyle.

Over the past couple of weeks, several young guys with artistic talent and ambition have been painting this block behind the Palo Quemao market, in the Los Martires District, with colorful street art.

What does it all mean? A tortoise with a real house on its back walking amongst humans. A fantastical-looking seascape in which boats carry castles over a burning sea. You can guess for yourself.

The mural was made by the Ink Crew graffiti collective, who've made it their mission to revitalize the Los Martyrs District of Bogotá. They are being paid by the local government.

A member of Ink Crew at work.

The back, or south side, of the block adjoins the railroad corridor, which is used by the homeless and other scavengers to sort thru, and often to burn, things they've collected from the trash.

A boat of flowers floats over a burning sea.


Across the street from the colorful new mural, this face is etched into the wall. It was made by Vils, a Portuguese street artist who reportedly did three works in Bogotá.

A few blocks away, behind the Central Cemetery, the owner of a store selling machine parts had himself immortalized in this mural on the shop's front.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours, which offers graffiti tours.

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