Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The End of Pedestrian Paradise on the Septima?

The scene the past few months on
Seventh Ave. between 19th and 26th Streets. 
For the last five months, central Bogotá has been blessed by a stretch of Seventh Ave. almost exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists, thanks to the replacement of the bridge over 26th St. 

For a brief period, you could enjoy Seventh Ave. without its chronic noise and pollution. It's like another world. 

Nearby, a band plays. 
But yesterday the bridge was completed (ahead of schedule and under budget), altho one of the on-ramps still needs work. 

Now, will the stretch of Seventh between 19th and 26th streets return to its old urban misery?

Mayor Gustavo Petro says he's considering restricting Seventh Ave. to only pedestrians and public transit. While that would be a bit better than its old chaos and congestion, until Bogotá has a modern, clean and efficient bus fleet, pedestrians and cyclists will look back on these past months as a pedestrian paradise.
Red light for bicyclists?

The near future for Seventh Ave.? The scene on Carrera 10, congestion and pollution. 

Nicer? Healthier? (And the bikes move lots faster)

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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