Saturday, June 4, 2011

Have you noticed? This is Environment Week in Bogotá

The San Francisco River, between the Quinta de Bolivar and Monserrate.  If only my camera could record the odor.

As you probably haven't noticed, Bogotá is celebrating Environmental Week.

I didn't inhale: Now-suspended Bogotá
Mayor Samuel Moreno in  2008, promising
to clean the city's air.
(Photo: Radio Santa Fe)
To commemorate it, their holding events including a recycling workshop, a photography exhibit, a hike thru the Eastern Hills and a play called 'The Origins of the Environmental Disaster.'

Toxic tour: Rafting the Rio Bogotá.
(Photo: El Espectador)
A recent appraisal found that Bogotá's air quality is sometimes dangerous and hasn't improved in the past year. (The influx of cheap, dirty Chinese-made diesel vehicles will not help.) And plans to clean up the Rio Bogotá continue not advancing.

Wish they'd also bother to enforce environmental laws...for one week, at least.

I spotted this apparently new KIA SUV belching away near the Palo Quemao market.  You can see a truck in the background also belching away. Of course, my eyesight must be far better than that of the environmental authorities, enabling only me to see these things. 
Another one, along Carrera 10.
Residents of this Teusaqullo neighborhood have taken the initiative trying to protect the Archbishop's River. 
Unclassified material: Someone had good intentions when they placed these recycling bins in the National Park. 

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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