Thursday, April 5, 2012

La Candelaria's Churches: An Easter Tradition

A woman sells rosaries in front of La Candelaria Church, in La Candelaria. 
Today, thousands of Catholic Bogotanos fulfilled the tradition of visiting the historic center's old churches, called 'The Seven Monuments.' In front of each church, vendors offered incense, rosaries and religious portraits. Of course, not all the commerce was religious: believers could also find fruits, sweets, toys and other stuff.

Seventh Ave., full of people. 
The Cathedral of Bogota, on a crowded Plaza Bolivar. 
Incense for sale by the San Francisco Church. Vendors offered seven kinds of incense, perhaps because the neighborhood has seven 'monuments' which believers visit.
Empty beer cans are great for burnin incense. 

Seventh Ave. crowded with believers and partyers. 

Las Aguas Church, with Monserrate behind. 

Las Nieves Church. 

Incense smoking. 

An indigenous woman and children begging by San Francisco Church. 

A juice vendor tried to multiply his profits by offering religious images. 

A man offers the crowd mamonsillos on Seventh Ave. 

A rosary vendor beside the San Francisco Church. 
Selling on the steps of the Cathedral. 
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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