Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Theatres of La Candelaria

Art on the wall of Teatro La Candelaria.

La Candelaria's theatres are more than places for plays: they're also social centers, refuges from the city, even art gallieries. Many are in handsome older, full of activity and atmosphere.

Two different theatre festivals are going on in Bogotá right now, with lots of events in La Candelaria.

People relax in the interior of the Teatro La Candelaria, on Calle 12. 
Teatro La Candelaria's interior patio. 
A man walks past the Teatro Libre de Bogotá.

The interior of the Teatro Libre. 

The colorful Teatro Cuenta Teatro on Calle 12c.

A cow hangs inside the Teatro Corporacion la Candelaria, on 12th St. 

A mural and a prop wait for the action in the Teatro Corporacion la Candelaria. 
The interior of the Centro Garcia Marquez, on Calle 12B.

The front of the Teatro Corporacion La Candelaria on Calle 12 advertises the ongoing Alternative Theatre Festival. 
A sign points to the Teatro de Sueños, on Carrera 2, above the Mercado de la Concordia. 

A wall inside El Teatro de Sueños. 
A detail inside El Teatro de Sueños.    

The Teatro Tecal on Calle 12B has a handsome older building. 
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By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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mauricio forero l said...

Que recuerdos Mike, que recuerdos.
Your shots and comments about my city really have the power of taking me back to my youth and, all those places that I have in my memory. The TEATRO POPULAR is one of those memories.


Mauricio Forero.