Sunday, April 22, 2012

Re-Re-Paving - Again!

Last year, the city dug up and reworked several blocks of Carrera 3 in La Candelaria - even tho to us neighbors the street seemed to be fine.

But the apparently unnecessary work was done wrong: only a few months later, workers dug up part of one block again, because water, or another less pleasant liquid, was leaking from a pipe under the pavement.

But, after doing the job wrong undergound, this time they bungled things on the surface. Several big potholes opened in the asphalt.

Today, workers repaved the street's surface. But we'll have to wait to see whether they put on more than a thin layer which will wear away in another month.

I wonder who's made money off of this endless road work, and whether anybody's had to pay for doing it wrong?

More than skin deep?
Moving on to the Santa Fe neighborhood, this sidewalk got reworked, but the contractors seem to have left the job half-done. Is anybody paying attention?
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Bogotá's Perpetual Public Works

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


Niall Waters said...

Mike your blog is great, my favourite of all the Colombia blogs in English. But why don't you spell "though" and some other words correctly? It gets on my nerves.

Miguel said...

Hi Niall,

Thanks for your comment, and I'm glad that you like the blog, despite the spelling.

English spelling has always been a personal grievance for me, particularly all those silent letters, since I'm a slow typist.

How much time, money, paper and ink would be saved just by eliminating those letters we don't pronounce? Some other languages, including German and Italian, have simplified their spelling in recent years. It'd be much more difficult for English, since it's so widely spoken, but we can still hope....