Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Mayhem

Looking thru a broken window on Seventh Ave.
Unions, student organizations and other held the annual May Day march/protest today, from the Plaza de Toros down to Plaza Bolìvar, clashing with riot police along the way. I didn't see the march, but did see the aftermath.

El Tiempo newspaper published this photo of masked, protesting youths and reported that 'a small number of marchers threw rocks and other objects at the police, who responded unreasonably, with tear gas, water cannons and indiscriminate blows.' Perhaps surprisingly, since the paper has traditionally been considered conservative and pro-establishment.

In contrast, El Espectador, tradicionally considered more leftist and anti-establishment, published this photo of a youth throwing a pipe at riot police, and reported that 'It was necessary to use high-pressure water hoses to disperse the revolting ones.' 
Colombian workers have plenty of things to complain about: low wages, high unemployment (over 10 percent), low union membership, a history of anti-union violence and lots more. But I'm not clear how smashing windows and painting buildings along Seventh Ave. will help solve any of those problems.

A few more post-protest scenes:

Posters along Seventh Ave. - that's Pres. Juan Manuel Santos.

Pres. Santos in a not-very-subtle poster. 'The mafia continues...'

'Danger, murderers, urgent, take things apart'

The front of the Cathedral on Plaza Bolívar.

Even Sr. Bolívar got masked by the protesters.

After a day fighting rioters, tired cops walk home.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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I was in front of El Tiempo as the situation escalated: