Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bogotá Scenes, Young and Old

These kids were scavenging metal from a bombed building in the Santa Fe neighborhood, now being demolished. 
Over the last few days I've come upon these scenes in central Bogotá, mostly involving young people, but a few old as well.

The kids had a fire going, probably to burn the plastic off of wiring, to sell the metal. 
The neighborhood contains the city's main red light district, and lots of delinquency. What  might these kids' families be like?
In La Candelaria, the police had patted down a bunch of youths and arrested two of them. This kid pleaded not to be arrested, but the cop insisted: 'I'll bring more police' he insisted. 'And more police. And even my mother!' 
The youth's friends pleaded he be let go. 

I couldn't find out what he was arrested for. Most likely, drug possession. 
These kids turned a street in La Candelaria that's being repaved. 

The neighbors never thot this street was particularly bad.  But, of course, there's money in street work.
This older man participated in a senior citizens' demonstration (here called members of the 'Third Age', demanding more government support. 
Looks like a guy with lots of determination!
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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